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The world's most connected digital wallet

What's Airtm?

Airtm is the world’s most connected digital dollar account with over 400 different ways to buy and sell digital dollars.

Incorporated in the United States and registered with FinCEN as an MSB (Money Service Business), we have presence in more than 190 countries.

Financial Freedom

We offer you the ease of moving your money whenever you need it, no matter where you are, through national and international banks, ewallets and more, offering you the necessary options to make the best decisions.

Peace of mind

Protecting your money from devaluation. With our USD-equivalent currency, your money does not lose its value and you can withdraw it to local currency quickly and safely.

Your money free and immediately available

Transfer your money from other wallets, get digital dollars and withdraw where you need it, all in a matter of minutes. More than 400 ways to add and withdraw your money using Airtm: local or international banks, e-wallets, gift cards and more.

Protect your money with AirUSD

Keep your money protected from devaluation by holding AirUSD, which is backed on a 1:1 ratio with USDC and pegged to the U.S. dollar. Withdraw to local currency and use as and when you decide.

Send and receive money worldwide without commissions

Send and receive payments instantly to and from anywhere in the world between Airtm users, without any commissions.

100% secure account with no minimum balance

We have all the security protocols to protect your digital dollars. The best part: your account is free and you don’t have to maintain a minimum balance.

How to start?

Join now!